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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shoes Like Candy!

Hi sweeties!

I looooove candy! And I love all the shoes from Kandee! :D They remind me about candy all the time - and not only because of the name.... So here I got some pictures for you ;)

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Lena said...

I even prefer shoes to candies!!! =)

Mary said...

I love Kandee shoes!!!! Great spread!


laetitiasweeneyrose said...

These shoes are so pretty! Love it :-D

marialĪµ said...

love the last ones, they are like color blocking!
My Fashion Bug

Emily said...

loving this post. You can't get enough shoes! thankyou for my comment, I'm following you back (:

vintage process said...

Great shoes!!

Nina and Jenni said...

Love the first shoes :)

CMB said...

omg i'm drooling over these shoes! of course i'll follow you!

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