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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm on a boat!

Some time ago I absolutely fell in love with boatshoes! On the first picture are my moms shoes, she sais she needs them for the boat (but in fact she never wear them =P) but nevermind, because I can use them all the time ;)

Lacoste made some boatshoes too. They are lacostisized =P but I really like them.
Definitly a new trend! ;) What do you think about it?



On the last picture you can see the Lacoste model. Special, but I really like it, perfect shoes for men! ;)

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Alinne's Style said...

I personally like it! i'm in love with your leopard dress too! so sweet.
I like you blog so much and you "favicon" is so cute! I'm following you, I hope you follow back!
Kisses Alinne


GiorgioC said...

beautiful shoes!
if u like mood and photography u should visit my page and follow me :)

Here To visit my blog!


tessa said...

cute :) love the almost masculine look!

Dale said...

I think boat shoes are amazing, especially on guys. Women can totally wear them too and these are cute. I definitely want a leather pair.


Juli Photo Diary said...

Lovely shoes!!

andrea said...

Hi , i love your blog and your fantastic style!

I follow you and i wait you on my blog

Kisses Andy

Jordi Vilella said...

your mom boatshoes are so cute! love it!


Liberty Walk Sara said...

Great beautiful shoes! :)

CoffeeBlooms said...

your mother's shoes rock!! I like them so much! I was looking for blue one for my self too!! :)

Liz Lizo said...

Love those boat shoes!

Liz Lizo

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