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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Last week I spent my holidays in Italy. It was a wonderful week with some friends and my boy. I love the sea and it's always so hard to live. I know, one day, I'll have a house at the sea, in Italy or Spain or somewhere else (okay, I have to ameliorate my Italian, but that's ok...). There is just anything more relaxing than listening to to sound of the waves the feeling of the salt on my lips, the sun in my face and my body in the sand. That's exactly how holidays have to be!

And sorry for my much too long absence on The Fashion Nerd, I was just too busy with school, working and all the preparations for holiday. But I'm back! ;)

This is a look I was wearing in Italy last week. An outfit for relaxing days in the sun. I love these white shorts, they're so comfortable and sooo sweet. I combined them with a red shirt to get some contrast and with a white hat and my "new" Ray ban sunglasses. I think white is such a relaxing color... :D  Enjoy the photos, and thanks for your feedback.


Hat: H&M
Shirt: BlackOut
Shorts: H&M Conscious Collection
Sunglasses: Ray Ban (fleamarket) 

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Tereza said...

What a small world, I have the same h&m pants haha.

N. said...

O_O Florence! I live there!
Do you want to follow me?

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